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PhotoGallery   2016-2017

Mar 2017 (BW) SCOUTS & GUIDES TWO DAY CAMP 2016-17

The two day camp of scouts & guides added enthusiasm,energy and vigour among the students.It was held  inside the school.The Management Committee of IAS played an integral role in it. The students energetically participated in all adventurous feats.


Jan 2017 (BW) U.A.E FLAG DAY 2016-17

Our school celebrated UAE Flag Day on Nov. 3rd .The morning of November 3rd witnessed a large-scale celebration across the country to mark UAE Flag Day, an occasion which coincides with the anniversary of President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s assumption of office as the leader of the country.The UAE flag was hoisted at schools, government departments,ministries and by all members of the community across the country as a way to express love to the homeland and loyalty to the wise leadership.The national occasion of UAE Flag Day is a moment of pride and joy for everyone as we raise the flag today to show our appreciation for the UAE.


As part of the celebration of the 45th UAE National Day, we organized "ARTZANIA" a drawing and painting competition for our students from Kindergarten to Grade XII.It was conducted on 27.11.2016. The various categories of the festival were  Blooming Buds(KG 1 & 2), Dazzling Daffodils (Grade 1 & 2), Jubilant Jasmine (Grade 3, 4, 5), Radiant Roses (Grade 6,7,8), Lustrous Lilies(6,7,8) Twinkling Tulips(Grade 9 &10) and Sparkling Sunflowers(Grade 11 & 12).Prizes and Mementos were awarded to the top three performers of each category. Participation certificates were also given to all the participants.


Our School Sports Day was held on 29.11.2016   at AL THIQHA SPORTS  CLUB Sharjah. Students participated in all competitive inter-house sporting activities.Sprints,track events,field events,relays teachers' events etc were the main events of the day.Students competed with an aim of winning trophies and prizes.The Sports Day turned out to be the grandest day of the year of the school.

Jan 2017 (GW) Fruits and Vegetable Market (KG 2 Activity)

Jan 2017 (GW) Talents Day 2016 Grade 5 and 6

Jan 2017 (GW) Teachers' Day 2016

Jan 2017 (GW) IAS Award Ceremony 2015 - '16

Jan 2017 (GW) CBSE National Athletic Meet 2016 - '17

Tia Rufina Xavier of Grade 7 won gold medal in 1500m and 3000m races(under 19).She has been qualified for the CBSE National Athletic Meet 2016 - '17.


MRS. ZAILEISHIA, a consultant clinical psychologist  is a resource person and a regular columnist who writes articles in magazines. She also conducts workshops for institutes and corporate. The teachers of SIS had a great interactive session with her on 17/11/2016. She taught tactics to improve the students of their learning disabilities and improve their attention by scholastic and cognitive methods. She enriched the teachers with her clinical psychology class. 

Dec 2016 (BW) KERALA PIRAVI DAY 2016-17

KERALA PIRAVI marks the birth of the state of Kerala in India. We celebrated KERALA PIRAVI DAY with variety entertainment programmes on Nov 1st at Indian Association Community Hall, Sharjah. The celebration started with a procession by our students followed by formal session,various cultural and traditional programmes.


PAULZACHARIA is a Malayalam short story writer, novelist and essayist. He is a recipient of SAHITYA ACADEMY AWARD. The students of Malayalam Department had a great interactive session with him.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month to increase the awareness of the disease.PINK MONDAY was celebrated to support breast cancer awareness among our students. The event was organised by Media club and Arts Department on 30th October 2016. A special assembly was conducted  by grade 6, 7 and 8 boys.Take Action Together to defeat breast cancer was the motto of the assembly.

Nov 2016 (BW) EXHIBITION 2016-17

An exhibition was organized on October 30th Thursday 2016 as a part of the co-curricular activities of the school. Various clubs like Science club,Arts club, Media club,Maths club,Islamic club ,Literary club,Malayalam club,Arabic club ,Hope club,french club,Music club,Heritage club etc.exhibited their creative works. Students displayed extra -ordinary skills through their works.It was a great opportunity for them to display or showcase their talents and creativity.

Nov 2016 (BW)HINDI DIVAS 05.10.2016


Nov 2016 (BW) The Talents Day Grade IX to XII 2016-17

Every person is born with talent. No one respects a talent that is concealed. A really great talent finds its happiness in execution. It was a day for the optimum execution of talents  for the students of Grade 9,10,11 &12. The day was spent with great pomp and pleasure.  

Nov 2016 (BW) Talents Day 6,7,8 2016-17

The talents day means self expression day. It’s an awesome day for the students to search, nourish and develop the talents in them.The talents day of Grade 6,7,8 was a great day with Malayalam film star KUNCHAKKO BOBAN as the chief guest of the day. He shared his experience with the students and inspired them .Altogether it was a colourful and memorable day to keep in their treasure trove.

Nov 2016 (BW) IFTAR GIFT DISTRIBUTION 25 .06.2016

Indian Association  Sharjah  took initiative in distributing Iftar gifts  at the Labour Camp of Sajjah, Sharjah. The students of Sharjah Indian School distributed Iftar Gifts to the inmates of Labour Camp, Sajjah.

Oct 2016 (GW) IAS Award Ceremony 2015 - '16

IAS Award Ceremony 2015 - '16

Oct 2016 (GW) FEATHERS 2016

"FEATHERS 2016" ASPAM INTERNATIONAL INDIAN SCHOOL SHARJAH conducted "Feathers 2016" on 30/04/2016. A 'Rhythmic Dance Drama' based on the theme 'women empowerment' was presented by our students of grade 7 & 8 and won the first runner up.


TheIndian Association Award Ceremony 2016 was held at IAS community Hall onSaturday 4th June 2016.The toppers of AISSC and AISS EXAMINATIONconducted by CBSE in March 2016 were honoured on that day...Proficiencycertificates to the first rank holders of various classes and scholarshipcertificates to Grade XI students were presented on that day.

Jun 2016 (BW)TALENTS DAY OF GRADE 3,4,5 2016-17 BOYS WING

The Talents Day of Grade3,4,5 was conducted on June 5th at IAS auditorium with much added enthusiasmvigour and novelty. The happiness of the children involves in the full use oftheir power and talents,That is the greatest moment of their life.The bloomingbuds of Grade 3,4,5 made the day colourful with performances like ArabicDance,Environmental theme based dances and songs,Kashmiri dance,Bhangda,Malayalam poem visualization etc.That was a great day in theirlife.


The Ministry of Sharjah celebrated  International Workers' Day in the labour camp behind Sharjah Cement Factory. It was organised by Sharjah Labour Standards Development Authority(SLSDA) on Friday, 29.04.2016. Students of  Grade VI, VII & VIII  of our school participated in the WALKATHON organised on behalf of it.  Students wore traditional dresses of seven Asian countries and had a colourful parade holding the flags of seven countries.The chief Guest of the function was our sponsor Mr. Ammed Midfah. It reminded us of  dignity of labour and was a memorable day for the labourers  and for the students.

May 2016 (GW) Sheikh Hamdan Award For The Best Student 2015-2016

Sukrithi Babu, Grade 6 A, student who won the most prestigious Sheikh Hamdan Award for the Best Student, 2016, was honoured by our respected Principal Mr. K.R.Radhakrishnan Nair during the assembly.

May 2016 (GW) Investiture Ceremony 2016

A special assembly conducted on 21/04/2016, marked the Investiture Ceremony. The student council members took charge their duties along with the team of teachers.

Apr 2016 (BW)EARTH DAY CELEBRATION 2016-2017

The EARTH DAY is celebrated in the school with a special assembly by Grade VII and VIII. Activities associated with the day include planting trees, raising awareness about recycling, volunteering for green projects and reducing the amount of energy people consume. The Hope Club members and Music Club conducted the assembly with an aim to inspire awareness of and appreciation for earth's environment and to emphasize that  our very survival depends upon whether or not we are able to preserve, protect and defend our environment. Let's start now and let's not stop -save our mother earth.

Apr 2016 (BW) 400th Death Anniversary of William Shakespeare

If all the world’s a stage, William Shakespeare is its  architect .The playwright died 400 years ago, but remains the world’s most famous writer, living  through his endlessly reinterpreted plays and globally known characters including the tormented prince Hamlet and the star crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet.  The long –dead Bard is one of Britain’s leading cultural ambassadors and the  400th anniversary of  his death (on April 23rd ,1616) is commemorated in our school campus with parades, display of his books and videos and many of his plays performed on the stage. Shakespeare is a great aid to communication. He’s a great way of helping people to encounter one another, and also discover similarities and discover differences. The event familiarized students about the great author and his master pieces

Apr 2016 (BW) INVESTITURE CEREMONY 2016 -2017

An auspicious , dynamic and an enthusiastic beginning for the academic activities of 2016 -2017 catapulted with the Investiture Ceremony on 21st April 2016. A keynote or message by the Principal, declaration of school's teacher council by the Vice-Principal and the declaration of the student council by the Headmaster instilled the representatives aware of their responsibilities and they resolute, to uphold the high ideals of the institution. The school commenced the scholastic year with pomp and aura of the  Investiture Ceremony of the student - teacher council. The students feel proud as well as a sense of responsibility to face the challenges of tomorrow.


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