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PhotoGallery   2015-2016


As a part of Science club activity, The International Year of Light was organized on 19th October, as a tribute to Ibn Al Haytham, father of optics to celebrate the 1000th year of light, since his book was published. As a tribute to A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, The Missile Man of India , a glimpse through his life and contributions were also presented on that day.The chief guests Adv.Y,A.Rahim, Mr. Narayanan NairTreasurer, Mr.Biju Soman Gen.Secretary, Ahmed Salahuddin, former student of SIS who works at Sharjah Planetarium, Our Principal etc. were part of the program. Presentations about Cosmic rays, Global positioning system etc. were also there. National Science  Olympiad winner Abraham Jomon was also honoured on that day.


Ganthi Jayanthi was celebrated in the school campus giving importance to SHRAMDAAN AND PLANT DISTRIBUTION. One plant  was distributed to each class on this day. Students cleaned the school surroundings and gave awareness about environment and planting trees.


An exhibition was organized on October 22nd Thursday as a part of the co-curricular activities of the school.Various clubs like Science club, Arts club,Media club, Readers club,Literary club,Malayalam club,Arabic club ,Hope club etc.exhibited their creative works.Students displayed extra -ordinary skills through their works. It was a great opportunity for them to display or showcase their talents and creativity. As it was an open house day for grade IX to XII, parents also visited the stalls and appreciated it

Oct 2015 SIS(GW) - Social Science Club Inauguration

The Social Science Club ‘HERITAGE’ was formed with the aim of creating interest & awareness among the students to various contemporary social & ecological issues and inculcating democratic values among them. The theme of the Club being Indo-U.A.E friendship, the inaugural function through an impressive PPT & some colourful dances and patriotic songs showcased the culture of both the countries. The Club was inaugurated on the 26th of May by our Principal Mr. Radhakrishnan Nair by digitally displaying the logo and the banner of the Club soon followed by the Shingari Mela by the girls which lent a festive touch to the function. The Principal in his felicitation address congratulated the students for the colourful cultural display and the active involvement of all the students in the function. The Heritage Club will seek to enhance the Indo-U.A.E friendship through the various activities lined up for the same.

Oct 2015 SIS(GW) - Teachers' Day 2015

Students of Grade XI & XII honoured their teachers . The students spoke about the role of importance of teachers in their lives. A song and dance (Guru Vandanam) was dedicated to the teachers. Students of Grade XII played the role of teachers and conducted classes for Grade III and above.

Oct 2015 SIS(GW) - Malayalam Club Inauguration

Madura Malayalam club was inaugurated by the Principal Mr.K.R.Radhakrishnan Nair. The presence of Mrs.Mini Menon and Administrator Mr.Abdul Kareem and the Malayalam teachers made it an auspicious event.It was started with Shingari Melam by the students of girls wing followed by the procession representing the cultural tradition of Kerala.Students from various classes performed folk dances,songs and poem recitation on the tradition and culture of Kerala.The Malayalam club aims towards strengthening the importance of the language.

Oct 2015 SIS(GW) - Field Trip - Grade XII

Home science students of Grade XII visited the bakery section of Lulu Hypermarket Sharjah where they demonstrated how to bake cake. It was an enjoyable and educative activity.

Oct 2015 SIS(GW) - Mathematics Club Inauguration

The Mathematics Club was inaugurated by our Principal Mr.K.R.Radhakrishnan Nair on the 25th of May,2015.The presence of the Vice Principal,HeadMistress,Supervisors and the other Mathematics teachers made it an auspicious event.

Jul 2015 SIS(BW) - Quran Recitation Competition & Ifthar Party - Tarbiyya club

Tarbiyyaclub (Islamic Studies Circle) of BOYS WINGwas inaugurated on 29th June 2015 .As a part of it Recitation Competition hasbeen  conducted and prizes were distributed for the winners. After that agrand IFTAR PARTY was conducted.It was a unique and novel event for thestudents.

Jul 2015 SIS(BW) - Talents Day of Grade VI VII VIII

The Talents Day of Grade VI VII VIII was celebrated on 8th June 2015 with all its pomp and splendour at IAS Sharjah. The students showcased their talents or unleashed their true potentials on the stage.This was a great moment and achievement for them.

Jul 2015 SIS(BW) - Talents Day of Grade 3,4 ,5

The Talents Day of Grade 3,4 ,5 was celebrated on 9th June 2015 at IAS auditorium Sharjah. Students unleashed their true potentials through various entertainment items like Arabic dance,Flower Dance,Earth Day - environmental dance etc.

Jul 2015 SIS(BW) - Readers Forum Activity

Introduction of various authors like R.K.Narayan, J.K.Rowling,William Wordsworth,Charles Dickens etc. by the students as a part of readers club activity.Power Point Presentation and speech by the readers forum members added colour and enthusiasm to the event.

Jul 2015 SIS(BW) - The International Yoga Day

The International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June at Al Wasl Football Stadium Dubai.The principal along with the school team of teachers and students actively participated in the programme.

Jul 2015 SIS(BW) - Talents Day Grade IX TO XII

The Talents Day of Grade IX TO XII BOYS  was celebrated on 7th June 2015 at Indian Association Sharjah. The students displayed a spectrum of talents with energy,vigour and enthusiasm.Variety items like tribal dance, Shakespeare's play -Macbeth, skit,mime,Jabba Wockeez, Bangda etc. were the main attractions of the day.

Jun 2015 SIS(BW) - Inauguration of Clubs -2015-16

Inauguration of Clubs -2015-16

Various clubs of Sharjah Indian School Boys Wing were inaugurated on 31 May 2015 at IAS Sharjah. Mr. Sohan Roy (the Business Tycoon of Aries Marine Group and the director of Hollywood film DAM 999,), Dr.Sreelekha, a well-known classical musician and Dr. George Maveli of Ajman Medical Centre were the Chief guests of  the event. The representatives of IAS have also graced the occasion.


Jun 2015 SIS(BW) - Intra mural Soccer Tournament

As part of CCE, Dept.of Physical Education organized Intra mural Soccer Tournament at sharjah Wanderers football club on 4th , 5th, may 2015. The tournament was in differentage categories , such as under 19, under 16, under 14 and under 12. In the under 19 category Red house united won the title and edged out Blue house demon by 1-0 margin. In the under 16 category Blue house demon win the crown and trounce the Red house united , Final score was 3-0 . For winners Mohd. Layikscored 2 goals and Roshan scored 1 goal . In the under 14 category Red house united lift the title and defeated the Green house Everton , margin was 1-0.For winners Rinav Narayan scored the goal . In the under 12 categoryyellow house gunners created the history and lift the maiden title and ruled out defending champion blue house demon , margin was 2-0. for winners Shmranand Idris scored each goal.

Jun 2015 Intra mural Soccer Tournament

As part of CCE, Dept. of Physical Education organized Intra mural Soccer Tournament at sharjah Wanderers football club on 4th , 5th, may 2015. The tournament was in different age categories , such as under 19, under 16, under 14 and under 12. In the under 19 category Red house united won the title and edged out Blue house demon by 1-0 margin. In the under 16 category Blue house demon win the crown and trounce the Red house united , Final score was 3-0 . For winners Mohd. Layik scored 2 goals and Roshan scored 1 goal . In the under 14 category Red house united lift the title and defeated the Green house Everton , margin was 1-0. For winners Rinav Narayan scored the goal . In the under 12 category yellow house gunners created the history and lift the maiden title and ruled out defending champion blue house demon , margin was 2-0. for winners Shmran and Idris scored each goal.

Jun 2015 SIS(GW) - TMG Prize Distribution

Adheena Rose Babu ofGrade 10A had the unique distinction of compering for the prize distributionfunction conducted by TMG for the winners of ten nosy and peri winklecompetition

Jun 2015 SIS(GW) - English Literary Club

The inauguration of the English Literary club with a missionto march ahead and a vision to create, recreate and rejuvenate. The juniormembers adorned themselves in an array of colourful costumes of their favouritecharacters from the fairy land and the literary world and paraded joyfullyaround the school. The senior members showcased placards highlighting thesignificance of English in the global context. The enthusiastic precessionspread an air of literary fervour and became the feast to the eyes of the spectators.The inauguration was well received and was reported aptly by a local newspaper.On the whole, the opening of the English Literary Club ignited the spirit ofall the members.


On the 11th of May 2015, Sharjah Indian School(G.W) proudly witnessed the inauguration of Chemistry Club by our respectedPrincipal. The presence of the Vice Principal, Head Mistress, Supervisors andother chemistry teachers made it an auspicious event.

The club was formed by the active participation of selectedstudents from Grade 6,7,8,9 and 11.To mark the opening as a fresh start, thestudents created a thematic presentation on the importance of waterconservation titled as “Save Water, Save Earth.” The girls also enacted athought provoking role play on the hazardous practice of polluting water. Theevent was given a musical touch with the presentation of a video demonstratingthe use of chemistry in everyday life.

On the whole the opening event was a dynamic onewhich was concluded by a feedback from our Vice Principal who stated the eventas a truly adapted one which is highly relevant in the day to day affairs. Inthe end, the response from the viewers  left the students with asmile of content, amaze and conviction behind them. 


Biology clubinauguration was held on Monday 11th may 2015 by Mr K RRadhakrishnan Nair, the Principal of school. Mrs. Aswathy  Sherin, a clinical psychologist and studentcounseller was invited to present the topic based on the “Ill Effects of JunkFood”. The aim of the topic is to create awareness among the students about thehealthy diet and to develop curiosity in knowing about the adverse effects ofjunk food.

Jun 2015 SIS(GW) - Workshop on Green in a Kitchen Cabinet

On 31st May 2015, Mr. Raakesh Joe Francy, a Dubai basedElectrical Engineering student of Heriot Watt University conducted a workshopfor the members of the Hope Club. He talked to the students about how to grow greensin a kitchen cabinet.

May 2015 SIS(BW) - Project Contest

Sharjah Indian School with the support ofour esteemed parents, students and teachers could collect AED1,55,562/- to help the poor and needy of Nepal. We deposited NepalRupee 4,288,899/- towards Nepal Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund and thereceipt was handed over to the Hon, Ambassador of Nepal to UAE in Abu Dhabi on19 .05.2015. The receipt was handed over to the ambassador by the studentleaders, teachers' representatives, school Principal and the representatives ofthe school management. 

SIS boys actively participated in the projectcontest organized by GULF Medical University Ajman on 20th and 21st May 2015.Our boys presented innovative exhibits which aroused curiosity among thevisitors, The team of Jeskirat , Ali and Hayzam -Grade ii students,bagged ' Viewers Choice title for their project of calculating age ofpeople by face detection using their computer programme of Java Script.

May 2015 SIS(GW) - Earth Day 2015

A special assembly was conducted on 23rd April - Earth Day by the students of Grade 5&6 pertaining to the theme.The students donated plants to the school to mark the importance of the day

May 2015 SIS(GW) - Hope Club

May 2015 SIS(GW) - Breakfast Club

May 2015 SIS (GW) Physics Club Activities

Celebrated Astronomy day on 21/4/2015-Oral presentation power point presentation and documentary on astronomy –presented by grade 11 and 12 physics club students
Cosmic crescent- Organized by Crescent English High School Dubai-Interaction session with famous astronaut from NASA -4 students from grade11 and 12 attended the session on 28/4/2015
YOUNG VISION SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM- 6 teams were participated and 3 teams reached in final. All the projects were based on innovative ideas in Electronics and Engineering.
It was held on 29 and 30 April from Saudi German hospital, Dubai
Celebration of ENERGY DAY-Grade 6,7,8 students presented the skit and power point presentation on3/5/2015

May 2015 SIS(GW) - Investiture Ceremony

The Investiture ceremony of the year 2015-2016, was held on 23rd April, on the special occasion of English language day. Mrs.Geethanjali Sunil, the chief House Mistress of 2014-2015 welcomed and presented report of the co-curricular activities held during the year.The Principal addressed the gathering and the council members of the academic year 2015-2016 were badged by the Principal.The student council members were badged by the Principal, Vice-Principal,Head Mistress and Supervisors.Mrs.Mini Krishna Kumar, was selected as the chief House Mistress of the year 2015-2016.Mrs Geetha Ashok, rendered the vote of thanks.


The EARTH DAY  was celebrated  on 22nd April by making a huge book named " GREEN PAGES." Each page size  with 100*75 cm  is a poster made by Hope Club artists with a message of protecting our mother  earth. Our Principal signed in the book followed by Vice - Principal, HM, Teachers and  non- teaching staff. More than 2000 students signed in the book. HOPE CLUB members thus gave a great environmental awareness to our students .




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