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PhotoGallery   2016-2017

Apr 2016 (BW)EARTH DAY CELEBRATION 2016-2017

The EARTH DAY is celebrated in the school with a special assembly by Grade VII and VIII. Activities associated with the day include planting trees, raising awareness about recycling, volunteering for green projects and reducing the amount of energy people consume. The Hope Club members and Music Club conducted the assembly with an aim to inspire awareness of and appreciation for earth's environment and to emphasize that  our very survival depends upon whether or not we are able to preserve, protect and defend our environment. Let's start now and let's not stop -save our mother earth. 

Apr 2016 (BW) 400th Death Anniversary of William Shakespeare

IfAll the world’s a stage, William Shakespeare is its  architect .The playwright died 400 years ago, but remains the world’s most famous writer, living  through endlessly reinterpreted plays and globally known characters including the tormented prince Hamlet and the star crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet.  The long –dead Bard is one of Britain’s leading cultural ambassadors and the  400th anniversary of  his death (on April 23rd ,1616) is commemorated in our school campus with parades, display of his books and videos and many of his plays performedon the stage. Shakespeare is a great aid to communication. He’s a great way of helping people to encounter one another, and also discover similarities and discover differences. The event familiarized students about the great author and his master pieces

Apr 2016 (BW) INVESTITURE CEREMONY 2016 -2017

An auspicious , dynamic and an enthusiastic beginning for the academic activities of 2016 -2017 catapulted with the Investiture Ceremony on 21st April 2016. A keynote or message by the Principal, declaration of school's teacher council by the Vice-Principal and the declaration of the student council by the Headmaster instilled the representatives aware of their responsibilities and they resolute, to uphold the high ideals of the institution. The school commenced the scholastic year with pomp and aura of the  Investiture Ceremony of the student - teacher council. The students feel proud as well as a sense of responsibility to face the challenges of tomorrow.


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